Put a MicroSD in your Flipper Zero

Put a MicroSD in your Flipper Zero

We realized long ago that 1 MB of STM32 flash is great to fit a firmware and all your plugins but might run out when it comes to additional data.

There are lots of heavy data Flipper has to store: remotes codes, signal databases, dictionaries, image assets, logs and more. MicroSD slot always has been an obvious solution but we were not completely sure about the mechanics, so we didn't announce this before.

Today we can finally confirm: every Flipper Zero will have a MicroSD slot.

The slot will be push-push, so the card will be reliably secured inside and will not protrude.

Flipper Zero can work without a MicroSD card so it's not included. You can put any FAT32 formatted card in and store all the needed assets with no worrying that the memory will run out.